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Soap box mold

A container for placing soap and soap. Generally placed in the bathroom, lavatory and other places. The advantage is that it is easy to use, can effectively protect soap from being melted by water, and its color is fresh and bright, and can also bring people a good mood.

The soap box is more corrosion-resistant, scratch-resistant, and has a shiny surface that lasts forever. Color and texture are varied, making the bathroom highly personalized and revealing personal taste. The plastic soap box products have fashionable appearance, lightweight shape and high cost performance. The suction soap box makes full use of the corner space and keeps the environment in order. Strong suction fixing method, no need to stick or nail, will not damage the wall, a gentle suction can be firmly fixed on the smooth surface, will not cause slip; Strong resistance to gravity, can swing a variety of bath products, beautify vision, suitable for tile, plastic, glass, stainless steel smooth surface. The wooden soap box is mostly made of high-quality pine, beautiful color, and has transparent harmless paint waterproof protection.

Soap box mold
Mould Name:
Soap box mold
Product size:
Number of cavities:
1 cavity
Die steel material:
Mould size:
Suitable for injection moulding machine:
Hot runner:
Ejection system:
Thimble ejection
Mould cycle time:
Mould life:
One million
Mould lead time:
40-65 days
Mould characteristics:
1. The maintenance of the child toilet mould is very important. Good maintenance can prolong the life of the mould. During the transportation process, the mould is packed with wooden boxes provided by our company. Make sure that the child toilet Mould has been fixed well.
2. After the child toilet mould is finished, the cavity and core of the mould must not have residual substances, which will cause scratches on the surface of the mould. Use mould cleaning agent to clean up these residues.
3.After the mould is used, the water in the cooling waterway must be cleaned up, otherwise the waterway of the mould will be corroded and rusted, which will block the waterway and affect the subsequent cooling effect. 
4.The ejector mechanism of the mould has to be coated with a lubricant to reduce its friction, so that the longer the component is used, the smoother the action will be.
5. When the Mould is not in use, be sure to pack the mould with a packaging bag to prevent dust from falling into the mould.

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