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Two-Color Rubber-Coated Folding Bathtub Mould

Product Description:
The double-color plastic-coated folding bathtub mould is completed by two sets of moulds, without the need for a special two-color injection moulding machine. The mould structure is the same as that of the single-color injection mould, mainly by adjusting the flow rate of the injection parameters.
How does Kelong make the two-color rubber-coated folding bathtub mould have a long life:
1. Our company needs to design the structure in the early stage, choose different materials for the function of different structures of the product and use scientific and reasonable materials for the mould base, mould core cavity and slider part.
2. Our company adopts 3 times of treatments in the mould steel, quenching and tempering, vacuum quenching 50-52 degrees hardness, and the third temperature is tempered for 48 hours.
3. For the balance of the bathtub mould, it must be closed on the mould clamping machine. When the bathtub mould is placed on the injection moulding machine for production, first install the upper mould, then open the injection moulding machine and let the lower mould hang in the air to re-clamp the mould. The mould is completely installed on the injection moulding machine, and the balance is automatically run in, which greatly improves the life of the mould.
4. Kelong's mould design adopts an automatic mould protection system, whose purpose is to automatically stop the injection moulding machine when the product does not fall off or due to abnormal operation to reliably protect the mould from damage.
Two-Color Rubber-Coated Folding Bathtub Mould
Mould name:
Two-color Rubber-coated Folding Bathtub Mould
Product size:
Number of cavities:
1 cavity
Die steel material:
Mould size:
Suitable for injection moulding machine:
Hot runner:
Ejection system:
Thimble ejection
Mould cycle time:
Mould life:
One million
Mould lead time:
40-65 days
Mould characteristics:
1. There is a precise positioning structure around the mould, and the parting surface is all designed with a balance block.
2. The mould avoidance position is reasonably designed.
3. The product is designed with a positioning structure when it is stacked.
4. The soft plastic mould adopts needle valve plastic mouth, saving labor.

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