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PP Plastic Table And Chair Mould

Product Description:
The structure of the PP plastic table mould is relatively simple, and the assembly requirements are not very high. But the product is relatively large, the required injection moulding machine is relatively large, and the edge is prone to burrs and deformation. How to control the edge burrs and product deformation problems? Then the first design is very important. The steel of the core cavity must have sufficient thickness. Secondly, for the core cavity, the processing of the mould is very important. For such large mould processing, Kelong has summed up a lot of experience. The mould will reserve machining allowance after CNC, and wait for the steel stress to be fully released. When finishing is carried out, these are to prevent the deformation caused by CNC milling and steel quenching and tempering. Such strict control of each process can ensure a perfect parting line.
If you are producing with some recycled material, the chair mould must be chrome plated. Otherwise, the mould should be lighted frequently. In order to keep the core cavity of the mould from being corroded by the plastic, Kelong makes sure that the steel is chrome-plated and the hardness exceeds 33HRC.
PP Plastic Table And Chair Mould
Mould name:
Plastic Table Mould
Product size:


Number of cavities:
1 cavity
Die steel material:
Mould size:


Suitable for injection moulding machine:
Hot runner:
Ejection system:
Push plate ejection
Mould cycle time:
Mould life:
One million
Mould lead time:
40-65 days
Mould characteristics:
1. Kelong's plastic table mould steel has good corrosion resistance, wear-resistance and thermal fatigue resistance.
2. The hardness of the material is uniform, the polishing performance is excellent, and the impurity content is low.
3.Kelong's cooling water design is distributed evenly, and the production cycle is stable.

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