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Plastic Beer Crate Mould

Product Description:
The plastic beer box mould is relatively complicated. The mould inserts are easy to be eccentric, and the waterway processing is very difficult, and BECU inserts are partially used. When designing the mould structure, it is necessary to consider the positioning design of the insert and the demoulding structure.
After years of research, the beer box moulds produced by Kelong are sold at home and abroad, and are deeply trusted by customers. We have rich experience in making beer box moulds. After our process of debugging, there will be no flash burrs, and the middle insert will not have eccentricity and other problems.
Plastic Beer Crate Mould
Mould name:
Plastic Beer Crate Mould
Product size:
Number of cavities:
1 cavity
Die steel material:
Mould size:
Suitable for injection moulding machine:
Hot runner:
Ejection system:
Push plate ejection
Mould cycle time:
Mould life:
One million
Mould lead time:
40-65 days
Mould characteristics:
Beer box mould and other assembly structure: the main body and bottom cover are assembled in the form of double snaps, the product assembly gap is uniform, the screw column and rib position under the product are most likely to appear microcosm, the beer box mould of Kelong company is in the screw column. The surrounding wall thickness of the mould is reduced by 0.8-1MM, the demoulding slope of the product is designed to be more than 1 degree, and there are ejection structures around the Mould to ensure that the product can be deMoulded smoothly.

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