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  • Mature Crate Mould Manufacturer In Taizhou

    There are many types crate box in Market for different function.Some are used in logistics and transportation, some are used in our daily life, such as Plastic beer bottle crate, Plastic milk crate, Plastic vegetable crate,Plastic fish crate and vari...

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  • China Plastic Bottle Crate Mould Supplier

    Kelong Mould is the expert of crate mold in China and has exported lots of types about crate molds to worldwide logistic customers, the crate moulds are widely used for angriculture package, bread crate, fruit crate, milk crate, beer and bottle crate...

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  • The Easy Way to understand the Crate Mould !

    Kelong Mould make multi-cavity Plastic crate mould with rich experience We make much improving for the crate mould with our ten years experience, include mould size and structure design, tooling process, steel material and so on. Each point we choose...

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  • How could i make high efficiently bucket mould with good testing?

    Kelong Mould has enjoyed rich experience in injection molding area, especially for plastic pail mould, and we have made lots of types bucket mould with different size range from 1L to 35L, such as 1L, 2L, 3L, 1gallon, 5L, 6L, 8L, 10L, 12L, 15L, 16L, ...

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  • How to choose plastic pallets

    How to choose plastic pallets There are three choices of plastic pallets, the first one: to choose a pallet suitable for the width of your forklift, the second: to choose a pallet suitable for your own goods, such as whether to put on the shelf, the ...

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  • China Custom Plastic Beer Crate Mould Manufacturers

    China Custom Plastic Beer Crate Mould Manufacturers China Custom plastic crate mould Manufacturers are capable of manufacturing a wide variety of moulds. Their products have smooth surfaces, good loading capacity and high precision. In addition, they...

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