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  • How to stand out among the many Chinese PC chair Mold Manufacturers

    We all know there are many mould factories that can make the Plastic Chair Mould. But how to get the high quality PC chair mould in China? We need to select carefully. For a successful PC Chair Mould, I think each step is vital in ensuring the qualit...

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  • Repair and storage of home appliance moulds

    The maintenance and storage of home appliance moulds is one of the most important tasks in the home appliance mould industry. If this is not done properly, it will lead to damage to home appliance moulds. So how to repair and store home appliance mou...

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  • What are the polishing methods for home appliance molds?

    Do you know why the appearance of home appliance molds is so smooth? In fact, this is because the surface of home appliance molds can be so smooth after the polishing process. 1. Ultrasonic polishing Put the home appliance mold into the abrasive susp...

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  • Important steps in home appliance mold processing

    Important steps in home appliance mold processing In recent years, with the continuous growth of my country's economy, my country's mold industry is known as a global mold manufacturing country with a huge annual import and export volume. The high-en...

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  • Progressive structure of plastic machines and molds

    The structure of the injection molding machine mainly includes a clamping device, an injection device, an electrical control system and a hydraulic transmission system. The function of the mold clamping device is to realize the opening and closing of...

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  • How long can plastic molds be used?

    How long can plastic molds be used? After understanding, we found that plastic is a very stable product. Molds made of plastic can be collectively called plastic molds. When we first started working in the catering industry, we really needed to use t...

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